Thursday, March 26, 2009

heart and soul

I would like to take a moment to honor one of the best (and cutest) dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing...Miss LuLu Jackson, a.k.a., L.L. Cool J. Recently, she passed on to a better place.
LuLu has been my homegirl since she was just a puppy, when I became her dog nanny. That was back in 2002. We spent lots of time together, going for walks, playing in the Boston snow, taking naps in the sun, watching movies, opening Christmas presents, and cuddling. Her love was unconditional and she always did the most adorable bulldog ballerina-booty dance when she saw me. She really was a great little lady and I will miss her dearly. Thanks LuLu for always keeping it real:)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DOOM: Born Like This

"Wont stop rockin' till he clocked in a gazzillion grand."

Today DOOM released his new and long awaited album, Born Like This. It's bananas. Those of you who know me well understand that this guy is pretty much my hero. My life motto and the title of this blog, "keep your glory gold" comes from the track "Accordion" off his Madvillainy album (which was released 4 years ago to date). I can't say enough about how CLEVER and funny MF Doom is to me. It's true, he "sells rhymes like dimes" and his "beats sound like outer space."
I think one of the genius parts of Born Like This so far is that in the track "Lightworks," he just starts the song with "Jerks...welcome to the octagon." Wow.

Overall, this album is a true MF Doom production...great sampling, sick grimy beats, and totally hilarious lyrics. Get it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CHEEK: My first art story!

Today is a very proud day for me. It has been my pleasure to write for an edgy and innovative online art & fashion magazine called CHEEK thanks to a wonderful editor named Caroline. This is the 10th issue for CHEEK, and possibly their best one yet! Check out the issue here:
Also, you can find my story on Mike Figgis' Photo Project, Soho Composites, here:

A big fat thank you to Meghan and Caroline for believing in me as an art writer. This is really the best feeling! And remember, it's ALL CAPS when you spell thier name!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

bright white sigh

Everything goes. Primary and secondary colors brought up to white
by: Alejandro Puente
1968-70. Cloth, iron, pigments, works on paper, 29 1/2 x 68 7/8"
This is not a science project. I've been very interested in calming pastel colors lately and my eyes were dancing when they saw this installation at the MOMA by Alejandro Puente. I have no idea who this Argentinian artist is, but seeing his project on bringing primary and secondary colors to white really made my day. It inspires me to do color studies and make charts and notes of my findings.

"We believe in irreverent luxury."

I stumbled upon the Jonathan Adler store on my way to the Whitney this past weekend. I was tickled. I don't know how I missed this designer in all my interior design experience, but I did. Thankfully, these amazing squirrel ring holders grabbed my attention. Yeah, that's right, a whole squirrel statue to hold your rings in it's acorn. Inspired designs like this come from Adler's fearless imagination and playful spirit. He even has a line of ceramic containers that resemble old apothecary jars! Cute! Another favorite of mine is this needlepoint pillow that reads "anger." I love the contrast of the sweet needlepoint work and the harshness of the word anger. I am always a big supporter of making home a happy place above anything. Jonathan Adler's light-hearted designs can make it happen. By the way, he probably has one of the most creative manifestos I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Enjoy here: