Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brooklyn halfsie finisher!

On May 22nd, I finished my second half-marathon, this time in Brooklyn, NY!  The race started in lovely Prospect Park and ended on the Coney Island boardwalk, where finishers were rewarded with a banana and water.  Hahahaha!  That's right, the Brooklyn edition of the half-marathon series offered no medal!  While Brooklyn always keeps it real, we all know accomplishments mean nothing if you don't have a medal to prove it;)
So how does a lady celebrate an achievement like this?  A growler of Heffen Weissen from Brouwerij Lane  (Greenpoint Brooklyn), a huge bottle of Smart Water, and a Netflix movie marathon!
Here's to half-marathon #2! I wonder if I have it in me to do one in all five boroughs!?
P.S. Someone quite thoughtful made sure I got that medal!

my first bunting!

Nothing cheers me up like bunting! Recently, I acquired this adorable trio of mini bunting (above) from the Knotted Nest store on Etsy. 
Inspired by this crafty idea, I took on a quite a challenge for my first sewing project ever.  With a dear friend having a baby soon, I thought it would be the perfect handmade gift for decorating the new lil' one's room.  Needing an inspirational message, I turned to Hip Hop, my go-to for life mottos!  Nas' "The World is Yours" is pretty much the best advice for a new baby, so I started there.  
After a crash course in operating a sewing machine from my awesome roommate, I began the project with some nervousness, but mostly determination.  Measuring and cutting came first.  I made a triangle stencil, 7 inches on each side for good luck!  I cut the fabric out using serrated scissors, which make an adorable zig zag edge.  Each triangle had another triangle behind it, so that the banner could be reversible!  Then I cut out the felt letters, using fabric chalk to outline the font.  After all the cutting was finished, it was time to assemble!  To hang the banner, I used a thick mint green ribbon.  I folded it in half, ironed it, and tucked the triangles in, pinning them securely. After sewing was complete, I added some finishing touches: streamers on each end and white Ric Rac trim on the letters. 
The finished banner was a hit!  Handmade gifts are always so charming and I was thrilled I pulled it off without it looking too much like a Dr. Frankenstein job.  Cheers to baby Willem, who hopefully won't get the wrong idea and end up a dictator:)