Monday, August 31, 2009


This is an amazing idea for a bedside table! White on White = Win.

Please Holler Back

Look out for my upcoming story for lucky issue 13 of CHEEK magazine, it's a fun one! This mural is a sneak peak of the Love Letters Project in West Philly. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yinka Shonibare MBE (b. United Kingdom, 1962)

Yinka Shonibare has this wild exhibit up at the Brooklyn Museum until September 20th. You might want to go see it. It's SIIIIICK and full of seedy themes about early European colonialism of Africa and how it relates to the Nigerian artist's identity.
Don't worry, this is only a mid-career show for him. Yep, mid-career. I can't wait to see what other inventions he has to come. I'm not sure what could top life size mannequins engaged in all sorts of mind bending activities, dressed in handmade period pieces made of Dutch wax printed fabrics.
Walking pet ocelots in diamond leashes? Check. Girl on girl action? Check. Stage coach? Check. Ornate Costumes? Check. Sex acts galore? Check. Female Pistol duel? Check.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

southern belle

Ashley Love is an amazing tattoo artist working at Golden Spiral Tattoo in North Carolina. Her work is really beautiful and mature. At the age of 26, she has already developed a noticeably unique style and color palette. I love how sharp her line work is and how balanced the finished piece looks. She uses more decorative elements, which gives the work a more designed feel. It's so great to see a female tattoo artists blowing up dudes' spots like this! Absolutely gorgeous job! Southern charm never looked so good!
Be her friend, I am! ( Better yet, get a tattoo done by her! Keep 'em jealous Ashley, you're so good:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

growing into a respectable lady.

Jen Corace has such a delicate style. Her narratives are stripped down, but still remain rich in mood. I like how she describes isolation by pairing it with activities that usually harbor happy feelings, such as birthday pinatas or paper airplanes. I haven't seen a story told in this lonely of a way before, and it inspires me to use imagery less obviously, like she does so well here.
(Admirer)(Too Soon)Her new work is equally quiet with a hint of melancholy. It as if her younger characters have grown into young women who continue to find themselves in lonely and isolating situations. One detail I love in her new work is how she uses the patterns in the fabric to carry the narrative even further. Whether it's the curtain like draping of the skirt in "Admirer" or the shingle-like pattern in the dress of "Too Soon ", she continues to find subtle ways to tell a story.

AJ Fosik' s work ethic is better than yours.

Browsing one of my favorite art sites today, I found this stunning work by Philly based artist AJ Fosik. For anyone who thinks that artists have lost their craft and attention to detail, Fosik is here to show you differently. One glance at Fosik's hyper-intense creature masks and your immediately humbled by the level of effort. These wild bear-like beasts embody ferociousness and fun all in one. I can't decide if I want to run for cover or play with them. I love the aggressive expressions paired with the delightful colors. The effect is almost audible, I'm actually looking for the volume button! It certainly must be a pain-staking and time consuming process creating lovely beasts like these. What a wonderful feeling when an artist's incredible work ethic inspires you to work harder! Thanks AJ Kosik for keeping the rest of us on our toes!
(Photographs courtesy of Alex Lukas at )

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sometimes the smallest and most simple objects completely cheer me up.  Although this little Etsy gem is sold out, it reminds me that little gestures can inspire big smiles. My friend sent me a link to this today and I am totally crushing on it!