Wednesday, February 18, 2009

never stop dying.

My friend Casey is an "illustrator" living in LaLa Land. When he is not busy sitting on his front stoop killing werewolves, or working a dead-end job animating for Disney, he tries to draw "pictures" like the one above. He claims this is an image of riding birds, although to me it just looks like garbage rotting in the sun. I am not sure how he gets away with creating such crap and filth while making a CEO's salary, but he does. Anyway, you can find more of his pathetic work here: , but don't count on it impressing you. If anything, you'll just feel sorry for the poor talentless kid. And Casey, if your reading this, never stop dying.

Perfection: Pucci & Nike.

Pucci at work.

Nike Womens Court Hi / Vandal Low Pucci Pack
When I'm not drawing Spirographs, I'm studying textiles for color stories, shapes, and patterns. One of my absolute favorite designers is Emilio Pucci, whose designs are more like psychedelic laser light shows than they are fashion. Truly a vision, the patterns are dizzying, and gloriously realized in their object form, whether it's a silk dress, or a wooden purse.
To my happy surprise, Nike has just released two stunners inspired by the Pucci brand. These kicks are impossibly hot, and with Spring just around the corner, I can't wait to rock them with my favorite jeans, a white deep V tee, and lots of thin gold chains. You gotta keep the outfit quiet when your rocking the loudest jam of the season. Thank you Nike, for making one excited little lady's dreams come true.