Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Horrors: Primary Colors

This album knocks my socks off! I haven't heard a song as good as "Sea Within a Sea" since I was like five and unknowingly heard New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" for the first time. Icing on the cake: these boys have recently been nominated for the Mercury Prize!!! Good Luck!
Check out The Horrors here: http://www.myspace.com/thehorrors
(P.S. They play Bowery Ballroom in NYC on September 17th!)

Trophy Brigade

When WWII ended, the Soviets were pretty pissed off about all of the art Hitler stole from them during his aggressive campaign of power. Seeking justice and retribution, Stalin organized "Trophy Brigades" to recover the lost artwork and any other cultural valuables found in the museums, castles, and salt mines of Germany and Eastern Europe. This included items that belonged to Germany. When countries started to demand their treasures back, Russian legislature passed a law that protected the bounty as it's own national property. Sneaky Russians!

In honor of this bold movement, a new craft collective has been born. Trophy Brigade, based in Brooklyn, is the brainchild of Erica Freyberger and myself. We welcome anyone who enjoys building tiny paper houses, creating clip art collages, embroidering bloody knives, spray painting things white, painting on wood, and self-taught taxidermy to join us in our crafty efforts.

The Eloquent Delinquents

Soho has a new gallery that I'm absolutely thrilled about. It's called The Eloquent Delinquents or you could just call it subculture art heaven! It's full of paintings and drawings for rebels and rogues, which means my wish list just got longer!
My favorite piece was the second, more rare poster for the Warhol / Basquiat show that opened on September 14, 1985. I have always wanted this poster, and I was delighted to see this rare version in person. For a promotional poster that one could get for free then, it now goes for $1,400.00. But, as a collector, I think these tokens of art history are worth it!
Also available are several Banksy originals, including "Welcome to Hell." As a contemporary street artist that already has work being auctioned at Sotheby's, expect to shell out some considerable cash. "Welcome to Hell," for instance, is priced at a reasonable $17,500.00. "Gallery Attendant" is half of a million dollars. Pocket change.
In edition to some incredible (mostly street) art, the gallery hosts an array of pop culture memorabilia and relics, as well as first edition books. Whether you need a limited edition signed portfolio of John Lennon lithographs, a psychedelic rock poster designed by Wes Wilson, the first edition of Clockwork Orange, or mug shot of Sid Vicious, this is the place to find it all!

so sweet

I'm not sure why I love dresses that look like ice cream, but I totally do! I spotted this creation on Mod Cloth and it is one of the sweetest dresses I've ever seen! If I don't marry it, I'll wear it on a very special occasion. Perhaps my 30th birthday!?