Friday, May 22, 2009

LaLa Land

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(Chris Conn art opening at The Hive)

(Chris Conn)
(Chris Conn)
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(Flowers) Thank you Los Angeles for another beautiful vacation! Your Flora and Fauna, your remarkable views, your excellent art shows, your beach perfect weather, your poolside friendly shade, your vegan food, your Brazillian food, your fun bars, your over the top movie theaters, your Ferris Wheel...they all make me feel really happy! Not to mention my great friends that call you home. See you never. Here are some of my favorite sights from the trip!

stupid beautiful!

The new Grizzly Bear album is stupid beautiful. It will be available in stores on May 26th, but you can preview its glory here:
The sounds are other-worldly, triumphant, and lulling. The lyrics are romantic yet truthful, and speak of the delicate space between two people. Put simply, they nailed this one! The album is as solid as it gets, and each song takes you to a new and wonderful place. Don't sleep on this one or their upcoming tour!
Luckily I have a ticket to their upcoming show at Town Hall in NYC next Friday, and 7th row center from the stage is not a bad place to get my mind blown by this impossibly gifted band. I can't wait!

new art story: Down and Dirty!

Issue 11 of CHEEK magazine is now live! It has been my pleasure to contribute once again to another solid gold issue. In "Down and Dirty," I discuss two artists currently working with reusable materials to produce sustainable art.