Thursday, November 8, 2012

On View: Tiffany Bozic

I love when female artists have babies and make post-pregnancy art.  Remember when Bjork came out with her 6th album Medulla, composed almost entirely of sounds made by the human voice?  It was an astonishing feat - gutsy, creative, and inspired.  Much of her inspiration came from the recent birth of her daughter Isadora. 

Tonight you can view the meticulously detailed paintings of another new mom, Tiffany Bozic, opening at the Joshua Liner Gallery from 6-8 PM. Aptly titled, Transformation embodys many new themes for Bozic.  While her subject matter of flora and fauna (both real and imagined) remains,  she has ventured into new territory informed by a profoundly new experience and the dawn of bringing a little person into this crazy world.  Explained in her own words, "From the shifting perspective of a new mom, I thought a lot about the planet into which I was bringing my daughter. Some of the paintings reflect the sacrifice and transformative changes of pregnancy.” 

Flesh and Blood


Bozic's pure talent is fascinating on its own and can hold a light to celebrated naturalists like James Audubon and Ernst Haeckel.  Her paintings, however, have a more playful edge, and build castles in the air. 

The cherry on top: Gingko Press recently released her first Monograph, "Drawn by Instinct" , a gorgeous collection of her gifted work, available through the gallery this evening and through Amazon

Happy arting!

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