Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Although I have totally been dissing my "Blogtown and Z Boys," as my friend Mandee says, it is finally time for a new blog post and a new painting!  This little number was inspired by some of the many wonderful shapes in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  Tulips, budding flowers, leaves, and as always, cloud shapes.  The rusty oranges and dull browns look great with aqua blues, mint greens, dusty pinks, and dark plums.  And the white and yellow shapes break away from the pack.  For as flat as I like my paintings to be, I like the movement in this one.  And, for being balanced in composition, almost strictly so, it still escapes being static.  I look forward to more painting adventures now that summer is winding down and I don't have magical places like Cape Cod to distract me!

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